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LEV Manager v5.1

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From a small box to a large dedicated servers, we have all for your need

NAT cloud VPS

from $2.5

1 CPU Intel Xeon
20 GB SSD disk
100 port on shared IP
Unlimited Bandwidth @1Gbps(*)
3 locations: US/FR/DE
Free Windows/Linux
Fully managed by LEV Manager

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from $8

2 CPU Intel Xeon
300 GB HDD disk
100 port on shared IP
Unlimited Bandwidth @1Gbps(*)
DE location
Free Windows/Linux
Fully managed by LEV Manager

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Bare metal

from $37

Intel Xeon 1246 v3
2 x 2 TB Enterprise disk
1 x Decicated IPv4
Unlimited Bandwidth @1Gbps
2 locations: US/DE
Install any OS you like
KVM over IP

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LEV Manager

Our full features, in house-developed control panel allows you to manage multiple VMs at the same time with just 1-click


Your business can grow with us. You can power up your VM anytime you want without losing data

Free Weekly Backup

We care about your data as our. Therefore, we have automatic scheduled backup feature. For you. For free.


We use Intel Xeon CPU E3 and E5 series on our servers, together with SSD drive in RAID to bring you brazing fast VMs

Multiple OS

We support various OS including Windows Server, Windows Desktop and Linux distributions

Premium Support

Our Premium Support team will assist you with any issues you may have, including some software configuration.

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