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About Us

LowEndViet was founded in 2014 by two guys who believe that servers should not be a complicated term. It should be just a "cloud personal computer" so every people, from a developer to a waitress can access an do their works on the cloud. Knowing this, we set the simple mission to provide exceptional quality hosting and server solutions at an unbelievable low price. "LowEnd" simply pointing this.

Today LowEndViet provides Cloud VPS, Bare Metal Dedicated servers and Solutions for more than 2500 customers in 22 countries all over the world. Over all the ups and downs, we have never increased the price since we always respect our first mission. We also upgrade our system regularly to bring more stable system with a lot of features. Our in-house-developed LEV Manager is one of our advanced technology that enables enterprise technology to home user. Our new backup feature also help customers secure their treasure data, totally free.

Although we have try our best day by day, LowEndViet is still not perfect. We are always seeking our customers' advice and comments to bring better services. Staying with us, you will be totally confident that you are working with a team who is developing and improving every seconds.

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